Maybe Things Are Different, Maybe They're The Same

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More from Flowers of the Sky—depictions of comets, meteors, meteorites and shooting stars at the Public Domain Review.

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Fractal matrix over fractal matrixRelated: Fractal
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Fractal matrix over fractal matrix

Related: Fractal

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the place behind my eyelids

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Spiritual people can be some of the most violent people you will ever meet. Mostly, they are violent to themselves. They violently try to control their minds, their emotions, and their bodies. They become upset with themselves and beat themselves up for not rising up to the conditioned mind’s idea of what it believes enlightenment to be. No one ever became free through such violence. Why is it that so few people are truly free? Because they try to conform to ideas, concepts, and beliefs in their heads. They try to concentrate their way to heaven. But Freedom is about the natural state, the spontaneous and unselfconscious expression of beingness. If you want to find it, see that the very idea of a someone who is in control is a concept created by the mind. Take one step backward into the unknown.

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Ruined Polaroids by William Miller

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